Website Configuration Plans

Pre-Created Web Pages✓ Up to 5 Pre-Created Pages✓ Up to 7 Pages Pre-Created Pages✓ Up to 20 Pages Pre-Created Pages
Pages You Can Add✓ Unlimited✓ Unlimited✓ Unlimited
Mobile Responsive
Pre-Written Content✓ Upto 15 Articles On Request✓ Upto 30 Articles On Request✓ Upto 100 Articles On Request
Cache & Performace Booster✓ Activated On Request✓ Activated On Request✓ Activated On Request
Illustrative Images
Contact Forms
Photo Galleries
eCommerce*✓ Optional✓ Optional✓ Optional
Blog Integration
SEO Optimization✓ Basic✓ Advanced✓ Advanced
SMO & Social Sharing
Dynamic Design✓ Standard✓ Standard✓ HC
Free SSL (HTTPS Enc.)
Appointment Booking Scheduler Plugin Installation*✓ On Request✓ On Request✓ On Request
Social Networking Plugin Configuration*✓ On Request✓ On Request✓ On Request
Knowledge Bank*✓ Optional✓ Optional
Multisite Network*✓ Optional✓ Optional
Support Forums*✓ Optional✓ Optional
Customer Care Platform*✓ Optional✓ Optional
Cloud Storage Drive*✓ Optional✓ Optional
CRM & ERP*✓ Optional✓ Optional
Email @ Your Domain✓ 25 Forwardings (Only If Registered With Us)✓ 50 Forwardings (Only If Registered With Us)✓ 100 Forwardings (Only If Registered With Us)
Free Domain✓ 1 Year✓ 1 Year✓ 1 Year
Free Hosting✓ 1 Year ✓ 4 Year✓ 9 Year
Backup & Restore✓ Annual✓ 3 Monthly✓ Monthly

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